first date

this is not the first time but this is the one and i'm sure right now at this moment that this is the last one.. LOVE.

i'm not gonna write how he took my breath away the first time we met coz he's not. unfortunately, for you, my dear readers who so eager ( or pretend to be ) eager to know how and why i end up with this guy, = he's a keeper.

this is not one of those tales of perfect couple with sweet dates and so on though i want it to last in that way, the happily ever after kind of way.

the very first time we met, surprisingly we wore the same stripes motive shirt. me in my blue shirt with stripes (not something i normally wear on dates but i wore it that day due to a few complicated circumstances that would kill this suppose-to-be romantic blogpost ). blue stripes it is. he wore a black stripes shirt that scream out 'bad guy' alert. our first date happen to be at pizza hut, mainly because that's the only one franchised restaurant available at convenience. KFC would be too far to walk and to cover myself with sweat before a dinner date. and McD located 30 minutes drive away. another reason is because of  i 'love' Pizza Hut. not because of the awful filling at the top that looks like half of the suppose-to-be-there sausage mysteriously gone, or the fabulously super thick base that kill the taste of the pathetic filling, it is because of the 'always late' service that would end up every customer especially the one with their first date in a plenty of time to break the awkwardness.

i forced myself to come out with brilliant idea how to successfully survive this date , it is not sort of blind date because we get to know each other from a mutual friend and we text each other crazily week before as he is my senior and i asked him a lot of question about college and everything. so, when the lightbulb is on, i decided to go just with it, i would wear myself, not any other goody girl, i'm just myself. ( with extra plan on my plan that if this doesnt turn out well, i'm gonna finish all of the pizzas, split the bill and choww )

he is not bad himself, needless to say, he got me. on time. checked. and he let me pick my own menu which is so sweet  i have the right to decide what goes in my stomach . he did teach me a few things about the public transportation and some nice restaurant around town. in fact, he is such a darling when he let ME finish the pizzas, i cant finish the whole fat ass pizza myself so i tapau them for my roommates. he escort me all the way to my college though it would be easier for him to use his motorcycle. and sent me cute things saying he loved the date and all.

the reason why i write this is because i miss him so badly and i'm craving for soft cookies and ice cream from Pizza Hut.


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