you dont know me and you dont wear my chains!

you dont know me and you dont even care..
i think i'll go to boston..
i think i'll start a new life..
i think i'll start it over..
where no one knows my name..

abah n anis

mood : yup. its so obvious that i miss them so so much

 *clap* clap*..

 tahukah anda? 
istilah 'like father like daughter' wujud kerana mereka ini..

 abah : kiranya abah segak jugak la kan.. 'popping collar'
nina anis : huh? -.-''
abah : anis ikut muka abah lawa je..
nina : not bad la actually
anis :  =..=    ( kenapa kecantikanku menjadi persoalan? )

'abah ni da la cakap adik ikut muka dier, dahi dongga, muka chubby macam kena pegi sedut lemak bahagian muka je, kening mata sume ikut abah..'

dear anis, u are cute anyway!!


for breakfast

RED VELVET with cream cheese frosting
wat sikit je - saje bereksperimen

 masa tengah rajin wat frosting lawa-lawa

 tak berapa rajin

next time nak tambah marshmallow kat atas. yummy. >.<

mood : been there done that
- cook breakfast for family
- red velvet cupcake


>> geli-geli pakai baju sama

 the food  

 i l.o.v.e u too

mood : thanks b

why? just tell me why!

is it in our 'family' ?

 the ketua

 now meet the ohsemm 'penolong'

 the bro

 lil' sis

why do we always look ridiculously stupid?..

well maybe its in our blood

my hair? i know! overcooked maggi -.-'' well, not anymore with this #Sunsilk7Days, I’ll have awwwwww-somee possumm hair in 7 days.

always - always - always rock your curl! three of us are so grateful that we have curly hair ( thanks mama ). its hard you know to grow up with people who always think that straight hair = pretty. no straight = no pretty. aiiiyoooo what kind of mindset. notice that mostly kids wear their hair bob-style? well, one day my 5 year old baby sister here ask me

lia : nape rambut adik kerinting?

me : sebab kita semua rambut kerinting kan..

lia : nape rambut kawan adik lurus?

me : biarla..

lia : tapi dorang gelakkan adik!

me : tak lah, kerinting la lawa nak rambut lurus wat pe sama ngan orang? tengok artis tu sume pegi salon mahal-mahal wat rambut kerinting

lia : smile :)

 'mahal tau tak rambut kerinting' -.-''

its hard to explain why she's unique in her own way. how to describe such thing to a 5 YO kid anyway.. just let her happy with her 'mahal' hair then..

since she's only 5 and she's not the one who suffer the problem.. anis faced it well enough that she's now happy with her curl.. i think she's happy everytime she compare herself to alicia keys's curl ( bajet same gitu )