muka fake.
team uitm dungun terengganu
camwhore adalah sesi penting selain sesi brainstorm

gambar keriangan semasa naik feri.

cuci cuci mata

think of it

masa graduate nanti, beribu orang yang akan graduate sama course ngan apa yang korang amik sekarang ni. pe yang membezakan korang ngan orang laen?

tidak. bukan sama sekali bukan tahi lalat. =_=''

what makes you different?
status: tgh pikir ni, gler susah soklan.

lovely duet

u dont have to put it into words
u just have to show it

dear magic mirror

we've just begun.
circle of strangers
we start our walking and learn to run.
watching the signs along the way.
we'll find a place where there's room to grow
so much of life ahead.

life isnt how i expected
what am i supposed to do with this crap called 'life'
so many people, annoying attention whore people
find yourself..
reach into your chain of thoughts
try to find something new
that work so well for you

i complain i'm broke, tired and not ready
people sometimes annoying
they are just not smart enough to figure me out
dont blame them, they are not ready
for me

dont be self-righteous hypocrite.
you've got a taste of what it is.
look around you, every man of himself.

do you see a bit of u in me?
i'm busy getting stronger


dont fall in love when u feel lonely
fall in love when you're ready

i am who i am.. still
i will never change myself to be with u



dont let anyone ever make you feel like
you dont deserve what you want.

p/s: no, i dont deserve you


someone told me i should take
caution when it comes to love.. i dont know how to, love just came to right my heart

my illusion my mistake. i was careless i forgot...
and now when all is gone, there's nothing to say..

what i hoped would be.. impossible
the meaning of we and love

p's: i need u so badly that its hurt