steve jobs - 7 rules of success

"People with passion can change the world for the better."

Passion is everything.

"Do you want to spend your life selling sugar water or do you want to change the world?"

Don't lose sight of the big vision.

Don't live in a bubble.

Connect ideas from different fields.


yeayyyyy!!! finally..

> i'm sorry i cant spend my sem break with both of u..

> big sis got to find her $oney so that she could use it to reach her dream.

> big sis gonna work so-damn-hard that she will not be able to pick you up from kindie..

> big sis will not be there to help u with ur math, anis

~ love u!

stylo scarf

scarf that'll make u feel warm, protected..
just the thing u need to feel like u're in love..
stylish and confident..

lawa enn.. stylo gler

something i wanna do

create something on my own

change. change. change.


dont u just love the way they arrange everything?
see it in a big pic