love = bullshit

We don't need to go that far
Let's hold on to where we are
If it's real we'll make it through
Cause all I need is you

They say Don't waste
Your time They're obviously blind

So let's Forget
The words the thoughts they put into your head
Don't give up just yet

We don't need the world right now
We got time to work it out
Hold on tight, I'll hold on too
Cause all I need is --

its getting harder and harder to breath
i wonder if my words are making any difference
dont, dont let me go
dont, dont turn away
what can i say so you wont

currently addicted to

shin min ah and lee seung ki in my girlfriend is a gumiho
the best korean love story

lady antebellum
quaker oat
nasi goreng paprik + telor mata

electric blueand this bag. dont ask the price...... =.=''

i'm not here for shitty reason

i'm not here for trafic. nuffnang or whatsoever. fullstop.

miracle? or just my luck?

i dont wanna brag about this. there's nothing i should be proud. this whole time, from my upsr pmr and even my spm examination, i didnt really study. fullstop. it doesnt mean that i didnt study at all but seriously i didnt even sit for my spm trial examination.

still when it comes to the results.. mine was as good as the others and i keep on thinking that if and only if i put my efforts, my best efforts to get a better result..... i'm not that smart you know that. i guess its just my luck. plus my mom's doa of course.

but just when i thought that there's no miracle, booo0000mmmm.
i've checked my carry marks and my ctu carry marks was like, woooo0000 i never ever expect that from my lecturer. she's strict. very very. there's rumors that students from other class got zero for their hafazan. i bet i'm one of them but then my carry marks just slightly lower than the highest marks. phewwwwwww, just my luck huh?

when i think about why i didnt bother to study for spm ? it comes to my sense that i really really hate chemistry and physics. i hate it i hate it i hate it all.but now? i'm in love with banking

i wanna do

i wanna do something that matters
say something different
i wanna do something better
with the time i've been given
and i wanna try
to touch a few hearts in this life
and leave nothing less
than something that says

its your destiny to leave more than a trace
do more than pass through this life