why i am not a good BOSS. T.T

sometimes when i have conversations ( with my classmates, lecturers, staffs of UiTM) people who knew i'm in business.. they would continuously praise and something like how i'm so lucky to have a business in such a young age. so pandai all that..

the truth is, this is the hardest job. ever. to become a business owner.

bear in mind that i'm 21! as i state this, i didnt think of my age as a disadvantage. i didn't put blame on my age as well.

when u are good enough, we are old enough.

everyone who knows me well would tell that.. having me as a boss? super loud disaster alarm should warn u.

its so mean. but face it!

1. i'm far from 'organized' thingy. i misplace things. so often that this habit is the main reason of my high stress level.

2. i'm in never ending relationship with my bed. i love them. too much. i dont need a counselling whenever i feel down or stress, i just need my bedtime. and i need a loooooonnnngggggg one.

3. i'm not used to formal work atmosphere where i have to speak in formal and show a good image to my empolyees.

4. Dear my parents, please dont hate me by writing this. but i dont have 'the boss' genetic. both of my parents are not an employer. so does my grandparents and i guess the same thing for
 my great-great grandparents.

so i will read more on how to become a really good one in the future. but so far i never neglect my employees. i have 5 of them now. and i try to make sure that they didn't miss their solat' and i try to compromise on their break time. i give my best to provide them with a comfortable work area.

but sometimes i'm having problem where i'm not being strict enough with my employees. so i did this step:

i'm just plain zero-experience mad girl who run around trying to imitate other boss out there.