this is a whole new level

this is seriously a whole new level of dinner dash. the one when u finished with your current place and earned your money, u have to move to the next level which require more advance machinery to maximize the effectiveness and will end up spending all of your hard earned money on machine, too bad, this real life version doesnt come with  a booster that allow me to move with lightning speed like the girl in the dinner dash had. 

so, here's me, packing all my stuff from my current kiosk and ready to move everything to a new place as it is not the kiosk concept like the one used to work on but it is an upgrade version of it, a small cafe, i have to start everything all over again with this new place. i have no experience handling a fast food cafe and i'm not sure how to survive this reality game. 

all i know is that i'm going to put all of my effort on this one little baby right here and hopefully everything will turns out just the way i imagined.

 the picture on the left is my new cafe, i named it frosty n wraps plus instead of just frosty n wraps for the kiosk version, i currently sold one of my kiosk due to the location that happen to somehow clash with this new cafe ( both of them are only 5 minutes walk away from each other with the same target market ) and my dear baby kiosk on the right picture already being closed due to end of contract, so i only have this cafe with me right now to put all of my focus, though i do intend to open a new kiosk at different campus but this cafe already eat' most of my time. i got so much thing to do as there is only togel' ( unfurnished ) cafe at this moment ( the one in the picture is the one which already heavily photoshop-ed by my dear dad ). there is no canopy to protect my customer from wind and rain, there is no table and chairs, there's nothing. i have to start with everything all over again.

 i want my cafe to have a cool canopy like one of this actually but due to financial constraint, i couldnt see any other way to have this beautiful canopy than to sell my kidney or any other body parts simply because i  run out of money. the way we finance this whole thing is through loan from both of our parents.
 i'm not gonna settle in anything pastel. i like it in bold and happy colours. so expect yellow, pink, purple and bright blue.
and i want to have this cute window-like thingy.

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