love it!

hari ni saja jalan-jalan blogwalking tiba2 ter-stuck kat tutorial turban style on youtube.
ni sume pasal dok adore jadah turban sume ni..
tapi nape perasaan rasa berbelah bahagi saat terpandang turban-style yang kadang-kadang ohsem! tapi selalunya nampak cam professor quirrel dalam citer harry potter
( if u can recall~~ )

anyway jumpa this oh-so-ohsem

comey kan.
one of a kind.

everyday style. simple.

dear my dear..

blog? diary? i love u so much that i would tell every single journey of life from now on..

with my up and down, my feeling, my courage to take every bits of my life to the next level..

nuff said, i got a taste of everything this semester. certain decision which seems like forever to decide and to have it 'alive'.