life isnt a fairytale

there's a story, never been told
how a girl lost her soul

you are the reason of my life
the star in my eyes
no matter how I want to let you go, this love will always grow

there's something about the way you look at me
and you know that my heart skip a beat

you got the smile that make me fly
if u ask me if i love you, i wont lie

when you are with me, everything i need is right here by my side
it drives me crazy till i know its love in my heart

now all the sweet things are gone
u dont have to tell me how fool i was
to fall in love with someone who left me alone

i can only see everything in black and white
there's only you inside my heart

the picture of you inside my mind, making me blind
my heart are beating like they never in love before
the word has lost their meaning now

how could you forget all the memories
u seem so happy, i guess u've found someone than me

how about all the things we've been through?
where's the love of me and you?

you've bring the side of me that i dont know
tell me how to forget about you now

losing u, all at once i'm falling
i'm holding every breath it kills me.

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