my business partner

2. my business partner.

think u can handle it alone? well think again. after all, u do need someone.
this is very important and i thought about this long and hard enough to come out with a decision.

A business partner for me is the one who will be there with me through thick and thin, who can tolerate with all my bad side, who perfectly understand me, who can control me, the one who will go out there and fight with me, the one who can calm me down after a looonnggg day and can handle herself/himself emotionally. and of course the one with money.

after days of searching for the right partner, it turns out that the one i'm looking for is the other half of me. 

he is just perfect for me, i don’t know what is wrong with this guy but somehow he has a very high self tolerance and patient. he can conquer my bipolar syndrome.

we spend one solid week to clean up the kiosk, we went to IKEA together for decoration shopping followed by meatballs for dinner, we decide on everything together. the menu. the banner design. the store decorations. the colour ( i’m the one who insisted to have it in pink ). the supplier. the staffs. the promotion.

for the first month of operation, we divide works equally and work ourselves out to our very first sales. it was nothing like what i imagined it should be. at first i was frustrated. the sales. it is just frustrating.  he never did, ‘ we’ll try again tomorrow’, he encourage me and of course followed by another very nice dinner. i enjoy every second of my time with this guy.

we increase our marketing effort. and later it went beyond what we’ve expected.

eventually, we made it so far.

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