crazy thoughts

what if..
cinderella fall in love with 'pak guard istana'?
heyy, naik kuda lagi tu..

what if..
there's no handsome prince to save sleeping beauty?
yang ada cuma penjual kayu api yang tak berapa nak hensem nampak menara pastu panjat tetiba nampak pompuan cantik yang tido sorang-sorang berbelas tahun.. tak mandi kerr? -..-''

what if..
snow white wasnt as white as snow, as beautiful as she is..
will the prince still wanna kiss her at the first sight?

what if..
the frog ask the so-call-princess to kiss her so that he could love her for the rest of her life..
instead of asking the princess to kiss her so that he could turn back into prince..
nak plak princess 2 kiss katak

what if..
there's no magical lamp in aladdin..

what if..

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