lets just fall in love again

lets just pretend baby
that you've just met me
and i never seen you before
i'll tell all my friends
that i think you're staring
and you say the same to yours

and i call you in three days
not too soon, not too late,
and i'll ask your roommate if you're home
you call me on Thursday
and we'll hang out all day
then fall asleep on the phone

and oh, i'll hold your hand when we drive
and we'll lose track of all the time
and we'll tell everyone
that we aint never felt so alive

i wanna fall in love with you again
i dont have to try
its so easy
who needs to pretend?
but because its so funny
lets just think about it honey,
lets just fall in love again

p/s: in love with u, bb

1 comment:

  1. 'I don't wanna be your friend
    I just wanna be your lover
    No matter how it ends
    No matter how it starts'....;D

    p/s: we're in the same boat,<3