hey! saya normal

i'm having diff time rite now. normal rite..

i swear to myself that i'm gonna save my last 'honey' and appreciate every single sen but again i'm normal, i cant ignore that funky flats or pretending that i'm blind to notice the 'sale' sign and deaf to just walk away when that amoi keep on saying 'ini ada sale colour manyak chantek lo0o'. normal rite..

i think i'm normal, better say.. typical
when i refuse to eat coz i think i'm fat..
ok now i think i sound like super annoying wannabe which is s0oooo not normal for me.

i think i'm still normal when i cant resist fo0d. except for nasi lahh. why ahh we malaysian? wake up! there.. nasi lemak! lunch.. nasi campor ada nasi ayam pon ada. dinner? something lighter without lemak, campor, ayam? nop! youre wrong! there r still nasi briyani or nasi kandar to try for dinner.
huhhhhhhhhh no wonder la da macam boleh jadi iklan tayar michelin.
i know what u guys r thinking..... noo0000ooo u r not michelin. of coz la notttttt. michelin tu abah. i have to become his apperentice first laaa..

still, i;m normal..
terasa diri sangat normal bilamana jatuh tergolek di khalayak ramai. hey! come o0onn..
everyone did it rite.. well at least mine was a lil bit dramatic than the others.
yup! u heard me. u r normal. bila ada orang gelak bila jatuh, sila cakap.. tak penah jatuh ke? or better? dengan bergayanya cakap.. 'cian jakun tengok orang jatuh, u r such a loser' sambil flip rambut konon konon bergaya habis.

bila jalan jalan wat gaya cam banyak duit tapi bila nak bayar, sampai ketarrr lutut, normal la kannn..

normal bila i'm writing this in manglish.
normal bila still writing this post even da tau tak de sapa baca. tak normal. itu syok sendiri,

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