miracle? or just my luck?

i dont wanna brag about this. there's nothing i should be proud. this whole time, from my upsr pmr and even my spm examination, i didnt really study. fullstop. it doesnt mean that i didnt study at all but seriously i didnt even sit for my spm trial examination.

still when it comes to the results.. mine was as good as the others and i keep on thinking that if and only if i put my efforts, my best efforts to get a better result..... i'm not that smart you know that. i guess its just my luck. plus my mom's doa of course.

but just when i thought that there's no miracle, booo0000mmmm.
i've checked my carry marks and my ctu carry marks was like, woooo0000 i never ever expect that from my lecturer. she's strict. very very. there's rumors that students from other class got zero for their hafazan. i bet i'm one of them but then my carry marks just slightly lower than the highest marks. phewwwwwww, just my luck huh?

when i think about why i didnt bother to study for spm ? it comes to my sense that i really really hate chemistry and physics. i hate it i hate it i hate it all.but now? i'm in love with banking

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  1. jgn nk suke sgt ok.
    try harder to get the best result ok !
    kurangkn main game "babi" tu, study bia byk skit.