this is what i should warn my 16 years old self

16 years old version of me dreamed about 

1. having at least a degree in economy/finance/ any business related course
2. super cool job at private company that she doesnt care much about working through day and night
3. living in a studio apartment. it must be a studio apartment.
4. by no 3, she strictly mean it all by herself
5. having enough money for everything she wish to have. u know the part when u flip a magazine or stare at a fab ads of magical product and the feeling of ' i want it - right now' and never ran out of money.
6. by all of the above, she want to have it all before she turns 25, because she wants to get married at the age of 25.

and that is exactly what she has in mind. without a glimpse of reality that all of the above would change due to whatever reason exist in this world. the thing is she is so eager to have all of the fine things in her arm to feel like she is on top of the world. big mistake girl. u shouldnt ask for anything as selfish as that! how could u to have a thought of living by your own? do you seriously think that it would work?

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