year review..

owhh damnn
that's not the way i should describe my 2011. duhh

1. i thought i am strong enough.not.

i cant handle the pressure.
trust me, u must've seen me

muka selebet tak mandi serabot serabai membebel memekak

i cant handle too much pressure at the same time.
i've to study ( which is priority ) i've to 'berdagang' ( which is important )
i've to be in charge in event and all ( which is super annoying )

2. i am not brave, confident enough

lets put it this way, i took baby step all the time. i am not confident enough to take a larger step. i cant force myself to make a drastic changes.

3. i cant make decision.

right-one. on time.

my 2011 doesnt sound that great rite? i got 3.4 for my GPA, which means i have to work extra hard to cover that 0.1 percent. -.-''
i kept on experimenting the market through out the semester.
i didnt diversify my product range. which is boring' same stuff as usual.
i hate my semester break holiday.
i didnt have enough time for my family.

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